Our Story

Created in 2022 by Camila and Eran.

KIDS JOURNEY is a brand that focuses on kids' development. An online retailer of toys that promotes various life skills. KIDS JOURNEY's Shop has established a fast-growing community of parents worldwide.


Since the day we met, we knew we'll be together forever. We had a dream of starting our own family.

Our beautiful wedding was another step into our mutual life journey.

We started living our life thinking about the next step - HAVING KIDS.


At this point, we felt LOST. Where and how do we start teaching our babies, how do we help them in their journey of life, development, and education?

We started our research for the perfect way to raise children. Guess what we found - THERE IS NO PERFECT WAY OF RAISING KIDS.

There are lots of methods, ideas, and ways. The most important thing is to give them all your love!


We learned we're not the only parents who needed the information we found and felt the need to share our findings about raising children.

Our main way of teaching children and promoting their daily life skills is with educational toys.

We'd love to hear from you!