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Seemagic Electric Automatic Nail Clipper For kids

Seemagic Electric Automatic Nail Clipper For kids

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Round and smooth nails in one operation!

✔️ Light tone and low vibration

✔️ Long battery life

✔️ Shearing and grinding integrated

✔️ Safety protection

One-click Automatic Trim

One-key operation, fast trimming, and synchronous polishing.

The cutter head can cut nails easily, but also smooth the cross-section of the nails without making the edges of the nails uneven.

Curved Fitting Surface

Prevent accidental injury.

The curved opening fits the fingertips better, and the rounded corners are close to the nails, effectively preventing accidental injury and improving comfort.

Innovative vibration reduction and low noise

Let your baby enjoy a peaceful sleep while cutting his nails.

The silent motor's low-frequency vibration, the product's volume is about 40 decibels, and the sound level is like a whisper, allowing babies to trim their nails quietly and safely in their dreams.

Soft focus head

Let pampering "every day and night".

Auxiliary lighting is added to the cutter head, which will automatically turn on after turning on the machine.

It can be turned off by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds.

It is simple and convenient, with no disturbing at night, and no "blind cutting".

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