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Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler Summer Toy

Outdoor Yard Rocket Sprinkler Summer Toy

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Attach a garden hose to the thrust controller, and watch as the rocket rises and balances on a stream of water. Once it's perfectly positioned, water sprays from the nose cone, creating a refreshing and exciting challenge for those brave enough to run beneath it!

Rocket Water Sprinkler Toy for Kids 🚀💦

Bring joy and laughter to your kids this summer with our eco-friendly and innovative Rocket Water Sprinkler toy! Featuring an attractive design and easy setup, you'll find endless water fun for the whole family!


  • 🌲 Eco-friendly ABS material: Safe, sturdy, and long-lasting, providing endless fun on hot summer days.
  • 🚀 Cool rocket shape: The eye-catching design will easily attract kids and pets for hours of play!
  • 💧 Adjustable water pressure: Control the height and rotation speed of the water spray for the ultimate backyard adventure.
  • 👩‍🚀 DIY Stickers: Customize your rocket with the included stickers for a unique touch.
  • 🎁 Perfect summer gift: Ideal for kids ages 6 and up, friends, and pets to create unforgettable memories!

How to Set Up

  1. Connect the water pipe to your garden hose. If it's not long enough, use a universal interface to extend it.
  2. Attach the hose to the yard faucet outlet.
  3. Rotate the valve and tighten it. Open the faucet valve slowly.
  4. Adjust water pressure for desired spray height and rotation speed. Higher water pressure = higher spray.

What's in the Box 📦

  • 1x Rocket
  • 1x Base Interface
  • 1x Faucet Interface
  • 1x Set of Kids' Stickers

Recommended Age: 6+

Available Colors: Yellow, White, Red

Don't miss out on this amazing Rocket Water Sprinkler Toy! Order now and make this summer a blast for your kids!

How to Use? 

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