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Water Drawing Mat with Magic Pens for Kids

Water Drawing Mat with Magic Pens for Kids

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Water Drawing Mat with Magic Pens for Kids!

Easy to maintain and reuse.

No Mess

No ink is required. Just fill the magic pen with water and draw on the water drawing mat.




Drawing will magically disappear as it dries (usually after 5-10 minutes), you can reuse this water drawing mat as much as you like.

Easy Storage

The water drawing mat can be folded up for you to store it easily.


Recommend Age: 4+y

Material: EVA


1. Brush with clean water. Do not paint with pens or paints of other colors, otherwise, it will not be easy to erase.

2. After adding water with the pen, smear it lightly and color it, do not poke it hard with the pen! Otherwise, scratches will form!

3. Does not support washing

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